About Us

Why we started OpenNodes

Like the internet before it, blockchain is set to become one of the bulwarks of a new technological age, the fourth industrial revolution in the story of human progress.

However, we saw that there were three gaps that needed to be bridged for blockchain technologies to become more widely-adopted. A knowledge gap between the blockchain community and the rest of the ecosystem, a talent gap that makes it difficult and costly to hire the right people to deploy blockchain solutions, and a collaboration gap with many solution-seekers and solutions-providers unaware of each other’s existence.

There is already a vast amount of information floating out there, but with no community to call home. A community where regulators and innovators, solution-seekers and solutions providers can share their perspectives, align their interests, and collaborate to create blockchain-based solutions.

OpenNodes hopes to be that home.

Who is part of OpenNodes

Since we launched, we’re grateful to have had a flood of interest from various stakeholders hoping to bring the blockchain industry forward.

How you can be a part of OpenNodes

Blockchain is a general-purpose technology that can create value in numerous sectors and industry verticals — from capital markets to charity. For that reason, we need people from diverse fields who are either building blockchain-based solutions, hiring talent to develop blockchain solutions, seeking ways to use blockchain-based solutions in their organizations, or simply to keep updated with the developments in the space.

At OpenNodes we’re trying to gather a community that consists of all the different people needed to bring blockchain-based solutions to life. That includes government agencies and civil servants, enterprise leaders and solutions providers, investors and innovators.

We hope you’ll contribute to the OpenNodes community by actively reaching out to share your stories, explain your needs, highlight your concerns, and celebrate your successes in the blockchain space.

You can do this by registering your profile here, and keeping in touch with our editorial team whose daily driver is finding and telling the best stories the blockchain community has to offer.

We’re glad that you’re here, and we hope that you’ll stay.

Welcome to OpenNodes!